Our Team

Elena Turturica

Elena is the mother of four children. Her childhood, as many others, was not a perfect one.

Even that many things were scarce, she recalls beautiful moments from the time where children played football on the streets and hide-and-seek in the forest, the ice-cream was a treasure and the chocolate priceless.

She also remembers her first camp and how it made her feel.

Stanimira Bunardzhieva

Mira, as we like to call her, is the mother of three beautiful girls.



She haves a business background and experience in events organization.

Her desire to help others not as fortunate as their family is the reason she is part of this charity.

Annalisa Buraglio

Everyone loves her vegan food, adults and children alike!

We are grateful to have her in our team and her skills as caterer are priceless when we organize fundraising events.


She is the mother of a teen daughter that is very involved in volunteering work.

George Ross

George is the proud father of two little boys he loves with all his heart.


He is a maths teacher and also very involved with scout-alike clubs for children in the community.


His knowledge in the technology area is very helpful to our charity.